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stage one: cravings/urges/thoughts;
a fierce loyaly to her friends
her love for arthur
her affection for merlin and morgana
understanding and clarity of mind
a hidden ache for lancelot

stage two + three: memories;
being made into morgana's handmaid
meeting arthur the first time
her brother elyan leaving home
meeting merlin for the first time
kissing merlin when she's overcome with happiness that he's alive
being arrested for witchcraft when her father is healed miraculously from a plague
meeting and crushing on lancelot.
her father being put on trial and later killed for conspiring with those who do magic, thus becoming an orphan
being afraid that arthur will die and refusing to give up on him
the first time arthur kisses her
telling arthur off for being a spoiled brat while he stays with her incognito
being taken prisoner in morgana's place and fearing for her life but then lancelot saves her.
falling easily into love with lancelot only to lose him when he sees the burgeoning love between arthur and gwen
the first time she kisses arthur (and thus breaks a spell)
almost being killed by a dragon but saved by arthur
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